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  • About Together We Stand (TWS)

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  • What TWS Stands For

    TWS believes in bringing peace to the land by becoming the strongest legion and dominating all others. Our morals, ethics and standards, as a group and each individual Valued Member and Officer of TWS, is to be higher, and more solid than that of the average browser game player.

    We all need to believe in courtesy, mercy, honor, strength, faith, selflessness, good moral fiber and a willingness to be humble and respectable to everyone we speak to. For weakness is shown not in mercy, respect and humbleness, but instead weakness is exposed in ignorance, selfishness, boisterousness, ego, discourteousness, rudeness, bullying and chaos.

    We believe in law, order and a structured form of leadership and heirarchy. We believe power in numbers. We like someone who can learn to build a strong army. We believe in helping our fellow league-mates, helping our allies, and helping our legion every chance we get. We believe in kicking out inactive members and replacing them with active members.

     If every member of TWS will stand by this entire paragraph of information, then TWS will be a strong dynasty forever! Together We Stand!

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  • A Good TWS Member

    A "good member" is one that:

    #1. Is Active daily,
    #2. Participates in league events, sends reinforcements when called upon, sends attacks when called upon, follows league policies,
    #3. Accepts and performs a role (such as Attacker, Defender, Scouter, Demolisher, or other roles)
    #4. Communicates with their Legion Leader
    #5. Does not represent TWS poorly by bad-mouthing (bragging, threatening, talking smack, degrading, making fun of someone, or anything like that) in chat or messages,
    #6.Follows the "What We Stand For" creed posted in "What TWS Stands For" thread.

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